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Our Strength

BIOFI MEDICAL HEALTHCARE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a combination of solid leadership that gives direction and vision, a multi-disciplinary group that has tremendous industry experience and IP-driven aptitude. Core strengths that have brought about grant winning items and confided in partnerships with driving brands.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Group 
    • Capable Multi-disciplinary group with tremendous experience 
    • Creative and IP-driven Aptitude 
    • Leadership based on Technologist grounds
  • Thought Leadership
    • Mentor support and strong investor 
    • Corporate Administration by Industry Pioneers
  • Experience and Expertise 
    • 7 Licenses pending
    • Tie-ups with driving innovation hubs like IIT Guwahati and IIT Mandi 
    • Collaborative product improvement with Industry Forces to be reckoned with
  • Confided Partnerships
    • OEM accomplices for industry pioneers in water and air purification

From Vision to the real world 

We think beyond practical boundaries and intense of a future that is essentially better in revolutionary methods.  Our vision is to achieve a rush of progress that is extraordinary in prime areas:

  • Upgraded Diabetes management via progressive techniques 
  • Identification of neurodegenerative infections in manners that is impossible today.

Taking the new difficulties of upgraded hygiene and wellbeing. We imagine a reality where each component and resource like surfaces, water, and air are made protected enough to limit hazard as the customers follow the rebuilding of routineness in their lives. The provided solutions are way breaking and extremist to enhance the lives of our customers.

IP-driven Capabilities 

Our items are specialized and are good to go to be distinct changer in the business. Upheld by creative science and forefront design, our advancements lie in two regions. 

  • Bridling the Infrared range to create cutting-edge healthcare products for consumers through new revolutionary methods to control diabetes. 
  • Supported with Bright light in patented manners to make sanitization solutions that are vital to keeping our customers safe through new arising dangers.

Future move-outs will see other forefront solutions for controlling degenerative neurological diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer.

Our goal 

Our central goal is the thing that drives us to do all that could be within reach in the healthcare and hygiene segments. We do that by making historic advancements, by making our items more amicable, building an innovative worldwide team and conveying value to the areas we work and live in.

Our Vision 

BIOFI MEDICAL HEALTHCARE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED will reform the healthcare and hygiene sector globally by tackling innovation as light from IR and UV ways as well as by conveying top-notch items in the medical healthcare, surface sanitization, water, and air space.





DN Prahlad


  • Former Independent Director and Senior of Infosys.
  • Non-executive chairman and founder of Surya Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

BV Jagadeesh

Counsel to Governing body

  • Founder of KAAJ Ventures, 3Leaf Systems, NetScaler, and Exodus Communications.
  • He is also a reputed Philanthropist.

GS Ravi

Managing Director

  • Former managing director and founder or Chemizol.
  • Co-founder of Edurite.
  • Former CEO of Tainhe Chemicals.
  • Former consultant of Lubrizol Corp., TVS.

R Ambarish

Board Member

  • Director at Xpheno.
  • Founder of Vasishta South Asia Fund
  • Former vice president of Citibank
  • Former CFO of ION
  • Formal main financial officer at world bank

Ravi Kumar

Board Member and Founder

  • Product development
  • R&D
  • Infineon, Xilinx, BEL


Board Member and Founder

  • Product development
  • Tata Power, Mindtree, BEL

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